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Parenting Plans

Oregon law (ORS 107.102) requires a parenting plan in court cases involving parenting time. The parenting plan may be general or detailed. It must say how much parenting time, at a minimum, the children will spend with the each parent.

Parenting time may be restricted or denied by a judge if the parenting time would place the child in danger, or if the judge decides that restriction or denial is in the child's best interests. These facts would need to be included in your pleading or evidence at trial.

Mediation is mandatory if the parents cannot agree on custody and parenting time. If parents cannot come to an agreement in mediation, a judge will hear both sides during a trial and decide what is best for the child.

Linn County Model Parenting Plan

The Linn County Model Parenting Plan was drafted by the Parenting Plan Revision Committee. This committee consisted of attorneys, a mediator, court staff and two judges.

There are three Model Parenting Plans in the 2018 revision. The distance between the residences of the parents defines which of the three plans applies. If the distance between residences changes after a judgment is signed, the plan matching the actual distance will apply.

Basic and Safety Focused parenting plans

The Basic and Safety Focused guides were developed by the State Family Law Advisory Committee's Parenting Plan Outreach Workgroup, which consulted parents and advocates as well as many professionals, including judges, court staff, attorneys, mediators, evaluators, and parent educators and researchers.

Basic and Safety Focused Parenting Plans

If you have safety concerns, review the Safety Focused Guides. If after reviewing the "Questions to Help You Decide" you realize you have valid reasons to be concerned, or you already know there will be safety issues for you and/or your children, click Safety Focused Parenting Plan Guide to complete a safety-focused parenting plan.

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