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Civil - Probate and Guardianship

Probate and Guardianship

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Probate cases consist of all estate, protective proceeding, and trust cases.

Probate cases include guardianships and Conservatorships. The Court oversees a legal process to distribute assets (anything a person owns with value) and debts left by a deceased person.

Depending on the circumstances of the decedent (deceased person), you may have the option of filing the Small Estate rather than the full estate. Court staff is not permitted to offer you advice on which option applies to the circumstances of the decedent. An attorney is the best resource for helping you determine the right course of action.

Protective proceedings are similar to an estate case, but are used for a living person who can no longer manage their medical or financial decision-making. If you think a family member or friend is in need of a protective proceeding, the Court strongly encourages you to work with an attorney.

Below you will find answers to some of the Probate Department’s most frequently-asked questions.

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