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Family Court - Arbitration


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Arbitration requires the parties to meet with one of the private attorney or senior judges on the Arbitration panel. They will listen to the evidence and make a decision. The decision has the same weight as a courtroom trial with the exception that the results can be appealed to the circuit court rather than to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. The major advantage to arbitration is that the process is normally quicker, less expensive, and not as formal as a courtroom trial.

The arbitration $1000 fee is paid directly to the arbitrator. This fee includes up to 5 hours of arbitration time. Absent a different agreement, the parties are expected to pay an equal share of this expense. Arbitrators do not have to conduct the arbitration hearing until they are paid.

Once arbitration is ordered, the Arbitration Coordinator will send appropriate materials to the parties and their attorneys to assign an arbitrator.

For more information: SLR Chapter 13 and ORS 36.400

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