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Parenting Plans

Oregon law requires a parenting plan in court cases involving parenting time. The parenting plan may be general or detailed. It must say how much time, at a minimum, the children will spend with the each parent. ORS 107.102

These materials will help parents create parenting plans that fit their families and are age-appropriate for their children. The Basic and Safety Focused guides were developed by the State Family Law Advisory Committee's Parenting Plan Outreach Workgroup, which consulted parents and advocates as well as many professionals, including judges, court staff, attorneys, mediators, evaluators, and parent educators and researchers. The Birth Through Three guide was developed by Family Court Services of Multnomah County and the Parental Involvement & Outreach Subcommittee of the State Family Law Advisory Committee, a multidisciplinary group comprised of family law judges, child custody mediators & evaluators, parent educators, and family law attorneys.

If you do not have safety concerns, you will want to click on the links below Parenting Plan Guides. If you have safety concerns, click on the first link below Safety Focused Guides. If after reviewing the “Questions to Help You Decide,” you realize you have valid reasons to be concerned, or you already know there will be safety issues for you and/or your children, click on the second link below Safety Focused Guides titled Safety Focused Parenting Plan Guide to do a safety-focused parenting plan.

Read the Guides

You should read the parenting plan guide before you fill out the worksheet or completing the forms. There are links to information that can help you understand some legal words and terms and links to other information you may need to complete the forms.


How to Complete Forms

You may complete the forms by typing in your answers on the computer. If you do this, you should save the completed form on your computer. You must print the completed form so you can file it with the court. Make sure you save a copy of the form that you file with the court. You also may print blank forms and write in the information by hand if you prefer. You may add additional pages if you need more room for your responses. Whether you type or write your answers on the form, save a copy of the completed form.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not all courts accept the parenting plan forms on this website. If you choose to represent yourself and have not hired a lawyer, please check with your local court and/or facilitator to find out whether the court in your county accepts these guides.