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Court ordered restitution and compensatory fines are paid by the defendant to the court, which then distributes that money to the crime victim. The court or probation officer may establish a minimum monthly payment plan. In Linn County, if no payments are made the case(s) will be referred to a collection agency and when applicable a driver’s license sanction will be added.

The court will accept payments from the defendant while he is incarcerated. However, no collection activity will be performed while a defendant is incarcerated.

The court may not have received the restitution from the defendant. It may also be that you moved or changed your mailing address and you did not notify the court. Complete and file the Address Change Form to update your address.

If you changed your name please use the Address Change Form and bring or mail the form to the court house. If your name was incorrectly listed on the money judgment/award then you will need to contact the District Attorney’s Office and request a correction.

A victim will receive a check once the court receives the restitution payment. If the court does not receive a payment, a check will not be issued to a victim.

Yes. The defendant’s probation or parole officer considers the payment of restitution a high priority and if the defendant is not paying the restitution they would like to be notified of it.

If you have information regarding a defendant, you can provide that information to the Probation Officer.

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