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Family Court - Mediation

Child Custody and Parenting Time Mediation

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Whenever parties file for a divorce, separation, or annulment with the Linn County Circuit Court and there are children involved, it is mandatory; unless the parties filed as co-petitioners, they must attend a mediation orientation session and attempt at least one mediation session. The funding for the mediation service is supplied through a surcharge on the court filing fees. There are six hours of mediation available to participants at no additional charge.

Whenever a response is filed, unless waived by the court, a mediation orientation session is scheduled. The Mediation Coordinator will send a Notice of Appearance to each party.

At the orientation session, the mediation process is explained and the parenting class is completed. The Mediation Coordinator will provide each participant with an attendance certificate. After both parties have attended orientation, a mediator is assigned. Participants must contact their mediator to schedule their first mediation session.

If a party lives out of state or more than 100 miles from the courthouse, they are waived from attending the mediation orientation and may participate in the mediation sessions by telephone. However; a party who is waived from mediation orientation due to distance will be required to attend an online parent education class to satisfy the parent education class requirement.

If either party does not participate in the orientation session and the Parent Education Program, the court may strike their pleadings.

Mediation Coordinator Phone: 541-967-3952

Linn County Domestic Relations Mediators

Phone: 541-740-0540
Clarity Mediation and Facilitation LLC
Mailing Address: PO Box 1673, Corvallis, OR 97​339

Phone: 541-928-1112
Address: 928 SW Elm Street, Albany, OR 97321

Phone: 541-286-4738
Peaceful Family Solutions
Address: 993 NW Circle Blvd, Suite C, Corvallis OR 97330

Other Mediation

Although the circuit court does not require parties to participate in other types of mediation, the court does encourage the mediation process to be used where feasible.

Private mediators may provide mediation services for a fee. Arrangements to participate in private mediation are the responsibility of the participants.

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