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Custody and Parenting Time

In Oregon, as long as paternity has been established, the laws on custody and parenting time are the same for both married and unmarried parents. The best interest of the child is the main focus in making decisions about custody and parenting time.

Custody and Parenting Time Case Types

A custody case is started when one parent files a case for custody or parenting time. This is for parents who are not married.

4 Steps to Starting a Custody Case

Information about Children and Families and your case

Information on custody and parenting time

Parent Education Class (Required)

Parent education classes focus on how to help children adjust to a divorce or separation and/or living apart from a parent. These classes are required for parents with children involved in custody cases.


Mediation is a process that helps people in a family law case reach an agreement about some or all of their issues. Mediation is required in cases with children. More information about mediation can be found at Multnomah County Family Court Services at:

Family Court Services
Information about Mediation
Folleto informativo y de seguridad sobre mediación en español
Информация об Испании и информация о безопасности полетов Informatsiya ob Ispanii i informatsiya o bezopasnosti poletov

Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is required in cases with children.
Information on Parenting Plans

Basic Parenting Guide

Basic information about writing a parenting plan.
Basic Parenting Plan Forms and Information

Birth Through Three

If you have children under three, please review this information.
Birth through three

Child Support

Child support is money one parent pays the other parent to meet the needs of a child.
Information on Child Support
Child Support Information
The Oregon Child Support Program can often establish a child support award when a parent requests, even if no court case is pending or planned but paternity must always be established before child support can be ordered. The Oregon Child Support Program also has the responsibility to enforce child support orders.

Modifying your current plan

Information on how to modify your child support, parenting time, or custody after your judgment and paperwork are final in your case.

Enforcing Parenting Plans

If your parenting time or plan is not being followed, you may file for enforcement of your plan.
Information on Parenting Plan Enforcement

Temporary Orders – Custody or Support

You can ask the court to make temporary orders after you file a case. If you already have a case you may also ask the court to make temporary orders. If you feel your child is in danger you may also ask for an Immediate Danger order.

Information on Temporary Custody Orders

How to get help with your case

Prepare for Your Hearing


Video: Prepare for Your Hearing

Information about Custody and Parenting time

Parenting Class Waiver and UCCJEA Forms


Videos about Going to Court and the Court Process

Video: Steps to Starting a Divorce or Custody Case (Pasos Para Iniciar un Proceso de Divorcio y Custodia de los Hijos)

Video: How to Serve Legal Papers in Oregon (Cómo Notificar a Alguien de un Proceso Judicial en Oregon)

Video: Safety Considerations in Parenting Plans (Consideraciones de Seguridad en los Planes de Visitas de Crianza)

Video: Prepare for Your Hearing (Prepárese Para su Audiencia)

Video: What to Expect at Court

Trial Assignment

Trial Assignment is a court proceeding in which a judge decides which family law cases scheduled for hearing the next court day are ready to proceed, how much time is needed for each hearing, and which judges have time available to hear those cases. The Trial Assignment Judge then assigns the cases and tells the parties what courtroom the case will be heard the next day.

Fee Waiver or Deferral


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