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Payments FAQ

The following information applies to criminal cases, traffic, or parking citation payments to the court. Before you make a payment on a Traffic or Parking citation, please review all of your options by visiting the Traffic or Parking web page.
If the court ordered you to pay fines/fees, they are due on the day of sentencing. If you are unable to pay the balance in full within 30 days from sentencing, the court may allow you to set up a payment plan.
If you are unable to pay in full within 30 days, or have not set up a payment plan, you will accrue additional fees added to your court debt. You also face the possibility of having your driver’s license sanctioned or having your court debt sent to a collection agency. It is advised to pay your debt in full or work with a court clerk to set up a payment plan within the first 30 days of sentencing.


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