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Treatment Courts

Treatment Courts are an alternative to normal case processing, aimed to address the recurring cycle of addiction, co-occurring disorders, criminal behavior, and court involvement. The programs are a collaboration of the State, Judicial Department, City, County and private partners. Each court program serves a specific set of case types and population of participants. The programs provide intensive supervision, support, and treatment for individuals who are ready to make a major life change. The goals of treatment courts are to reduce costs, decrease criminal recidivism, and enhance public safety. All of the programs follow best practices and guidelines for treatment courts as set forth by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and the Criminal Justice Commission of Oregon (CJC).

​The DUII Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) is a three year treatment court probation that targets repeat adult DUII defendants. Participants address substance use problems and make lifestyle changes. The ultimate goal is for people to return to the community healthy and able to manage their substance and mental health issues. Participants are required to wear an alcohol monitor (SCRAM) for at least ninety days and submit to random urinalysis throughout the probation. They are prohibited from using illegal drugs, marijuana, and alcohol and driving motor vehicles. All DISP participants must complete a minimum of one year in alcohol and drug treatment and participate in community support meetings such as AA or an acceptable alternative. DUII fines from $1000 to $2000 are suspended upon entry into DISP.

DISP Handbook

DISP Handbook (Spanish)

DISP Probation Conditions

​In accordance with the State of Oregon’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative, Multnomah County’s public safety partners designed this program to reduce the use of state prisons for offenders who can be supervised safely in the community. MCJRP uses an innovative, data-driven approach to evaluate offenders before their cases are resolved. The evaluation not only identifies which offenders can be supervised safely in the community, but also develops a case plan to meet that offender’s specific needs by providing the structure, supervision and services necessary for success in the community.

​START’s Mission Statement: To improve the overall quality of life in our community by providing a court-supervised program for high risk and high need individuals that will enhance public safety, reduce crime, provide accountability, substance abuse treatment, and integrated mental health care; reduce costs to our community, and ultimately transform these individuals into positive, contributing members of our community.

START Court is one of Multnomah County’s adult drug court programs. START is an intensive supervision program for individuals suffering with substance use disorder(s) and associated mental health conditions, who would have otherwise been sentenced to prison. The program works in collaboration with the Multnomah County Circuit Court, District Attorney’s Office, Sherriff’s Office, Department of Community Justice, Metropolitan Public Defender, and Volunteers of America.

The Multnomah County Circuit Court STOP Program is the second oldest Adult Drug Court in the nation. The STOP Team is composed of the Multnomah County Circuit Court, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Community Justice, the Metropolitan Public Defenders Office, and Volunteers of America (InAct). The STOP Team is committed to guiding adults with severe substance abuse disorders, and a high risk to commit new criminal offenses, through an intensive supervision program. Participants are required to attend classes, groups, community meetings, and frequent court appearances. The STOP Team uses incentives, sanctions, and urinalysis testing to hold participants accountable and support the recovery process. The goal is to promote the participant’s return to a healthy, stable, responsible adult life with community support.

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