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People sitting in a jury box

 Reporting Location

Jurors are to report to the jury assembly room at the Multnomah County Circuit Courthouse at
1021 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130, Portland, Oregon 97204 

Juror Resources

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Juror Information

Welcome to Jury Duty for the Multnomah County Circuit Court. Your service as a juror is one of the most important things you will do in participating in our system of government and ensuring justice in our community. We hope to make your experience as rewarding as possible and we thank you for your willingness to take the time to serve your community.
Your service as a juror is one of the most important functions of our democracy. Juries must represent a cross section of our community. People are entitled to a jury of their peers. We need people from all walks of life for a jury to work well. This means that citizens are called on to give their time to serve as jurors. You do not need any special knowledge or set of skills to be a juror.
We recognize that jury service is an inconvenience for most people and a hardship for many. It requires a sacrifice of time and often a sacrifice of money by jurors, their families, co-workers and employers. This is the price required to preserve justice and the rule of law in our society. On behalf of the people of the State of Oregon and of Multnomah County, we give special thanks to those who serve as jurors despite the sacrifice. Our system of justice simply could not work without you.


Orientation will be held the morning of your first day of service.
Your jury service will be for 2 days. If you are selected for a trial that continues beyond 2 days, your service will end at the conclusion of the trial.

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