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Mediation is a process that provides an opportunity for people in conflict to reach a mutually satisfying resolution with the help of an impartial third party, the mediator. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. A mediator is trained to help people resolve disputes. The mediator is neutral, does not take one side or the other, and does not make decisions for the parties. The mediator helps parties communicate by listening to both parties and helping them listen to each other so that they can agree on mutually acceptable solutions. A mediator will help parties reach and draft their own agreements.

For more information on the court-connection mediation program please visit Rules Center – and select Court-Connected Mediator Qualifications.

For a roster of mediators in Multnomah County who have experience in general civil; probate; domestic relations custody and parenting; and domestic relations financial issues, please refer to the Court-Connected Mediators list. These mediators have met the requirements of Chief Justice Order No. 05-028, defining the requisite training and experience for designation as a court-connected mediator. The roster is provided as a service to the public, to help members of the public locate a mediator to help them resolve conflicts in the applicable field. Inclusion on this roster does not constitute a recommendation by the court. Link to roster of approved mediators (with each name further linked to individual applications).

For information regarding Small Claims Mediation, please visit the Small Claims page.

Court-Connected Mediators