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How can I get help?

​At the Multnomah County Courthouse – Domestic Violence Advocates are available to assist with filing protection orders on a walk-in basis, please check with Customer Service on the second floor. No appointment needed. You may also find online forms for filing a protection order.

​Help with questions and many family law forms are available at the Multnomah County Courthouse. Please check with Customer Service on the second floor.

The staff of the Family Court can provide procedural help but not legal advice.

Who Staff Can Help:

  • People of any income level
  • People who do not have a lawyer
  • Both parties in a case
  • People who are involved in family law cases such as: divorce, custody, parenting time, enforcing custody and parenting time

How Staff Can Help:

  • Provide information on how to find forms and how to fill them out
  • Provide information about how cases move through the court
  • Refer to resources that provide legal and other services
  • Provide document review to make sure forms are complete (**Subject to staff availability only, please check with court before coming for document review.**)
  • Provide information about how to begin a court case

What Staff Cannot do:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Fill out your papers or tell you what to write on them
  • Help people who have a lawyer
  • Tell you what kind of case to file
  • Provide information to one party that would not be given to all other parties​

​Family Court Services - Provides services to help parents navigate systems, decisions, and plans for children related to separation and divorce. Please call 503.988.3189.

  • Parenting Education Classes – Required 503.988.3100
  • Mediation about custody and parenting time issues
  • Evaluations (recommendations) about custody and parenting time issues

Finding Help from a Lawyer – Free and Low Cost Lawyers

Finding an Attorney

Free Help

Volunteer attorneys are available on certain days at the courthouse to help people with family law cases and filling out court forms. You have to be very low-income to qualify for this program.

Multnomah County Legal Aid

For confidential sessions with a volunteer attorney, apply at Legal Aid at 503.224.4086. Must meet income eligibility requirements.

Low Cost Help

St. Andrew's Legal Clinic - For a meeting with an attorney about court forms or other documents. Ask for the “Limited Service Program. There are no income eligibility requirements. Charge on a sliding scale. 503.281.1500 Colette Cameron – Charges on the same sliding scale as St. Andrew’s Legal Clinic 503.977.5101.

Lawyer Referral Program -  Initial meeting with an attorney for $35. Attorneys are also available for limited service, coaching, and document review. Request form is available at the Oregon State Bar's ‘Hiring a Lawyer’ page. 503.684.3763 or 1.800.452.7636.

Modest Means Program - Initial meeting with attorney for $35. Additional services at reduced fees based on client income. Application required, available at the Oregon State Bar’s ‘Hiring a Lawyer’ page. 503.684.3763 or 1.800.452.7636.

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, you may be able to obtain help at a non-profit law firm.

Answers to common family law questions are also available at the Oregon Law Help page and the Oregon State Bar’s Family Law Resource Page.

Information on how to get or enforce child support.

Division of Child Support (Children on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program, on Oregon Health Plan, in foster care, or in Oregon Youth Authority custody)

Support Enforcement Division Multnomah County (Children with no state involvement)

​Online / Websites

Oregon Courts This website has information on many family law issues available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Oregon State Bar (OSB) This website provides general information on family law matters as well as links and resources.


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