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Filing of Pleadings

An active member of the Oregon State Bar must file documents using the electronic filing system, instead of conventional filing, unless:

  • The document is required to be conventionally filed under UTCR 21.070(3); or
  • The filer has obtained a waiver under UTCR 21.140(2); or
  • The document is required to be conventionally filed under SLR 2.501.

Self-represented litigants may choose to electronically file their documents, or alternatively, may file them conventionally. Conventional filing is a process where a filer files the paper document with the court. Criminal pleadings may be filed at the Linn County Courthouse in Room 107, or mailed to the court.

Court Appointed Attorney Application

If you have questions regarding applying for a court-appointed attorney, please go our Court Appointed Attorney page.

Security Release (Bail)

In Linn County, the Presiding Judge and various other agencies have set security release (bail) amounts for all charges. At any time the court may increase or decrease the amount of security release. The security release deposit is 10% of the total security as set by the court, release officer, or jail. The security release funds may be posted at the jail.

Things to Consider Before You Post Security Release for Yourself or Another Person

  • Security Release (bail) will not be released until the case is Closed.
  • The court will automatically keep 15% of the security release posted, not less than $5.00 and not more than $750.00.
  • The court will, unless otherwise ordered apply the security release deposit to the financial obligations on the case it was posted and any other financial obligation the defendant or the payor owes.
  • Security release deposit may be applied to any other judgments and child support arrears.
  • If the person fails to appear at the next scheduled court date the court may order forfeiture of the security release (bail) that was posted.
  • Security Release refunds will be made payable to the person who is listed as the payor, unless otherwise ordered by the court.
    • If you post security release in your name any refund will be returned to you.
    • If you post security release in the name of the person being released the funds will not be returned to you.
  • Refunds are not processed at nor sent from the Linn County Courthouse.
  • It may take 4-8 weeks for a refund to be issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an attorney, let your attorney know. Court staff will notify the judge, but it is possible that a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

The court does not accept payments for Linn County Parole and Probation.

Turn yourself into the jail before 7:00 a.m. and you should be seen by a judge that same day at 3:00 p.m.

  • Address of the Linn County Jail: 1115 SE Jackson Street, Albany, Oregon 97322

Lebanon – 541-258-5777

Sweet Home – 541-367-5902

Let your attorney know that you would like a new attorney and they will file the appropriate paperwork to get your request in front of a judge.

View the scrolling docket screen located outside Room 107 or on the 3rd floor of the Linn County Courthouse. You may also view your case online or call the Criminal department at the above listed number.

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