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Records Requests

Oregon Circuit Court case record copies can be requested by filling out the statewide form below. To request a record, you will need to know the case number and exact documents, or hearing dates. To find case information, visit Online Records Search or contact us at 503-588-5101.

Before requesting records, please review all the information provided on our Statewide Records Request page and the information below.

Contact Info

Marion County Circuit Court
Records Department, First Floor
100 High Street NE Salem, OR 97309


Marion County Circuit Court offers 6 public terminals in the records lobby located in the Downtown ​​Courthouse. Court records may be viewed without charge from 8:00AM to 12:00PM and from 1:00PM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. OJD also offers Court Calendars and free Online Records Search.​​

If you are unable to submit your request online, you may download one of the forms listed below, print and mail to:

Marion County Circuit Court
Attn:  Court Records
PO Box 12869
Salem OR 97309.

Records Request Form (English)
Records Request Form (Spanish)

Audio Recording Request Form (English)
Audio Recording Request Form (Spanish)

Paper Documents

Standard Copy                      $3.00 + $0.25 per page

Certified Copy                       $5.00 + $0.25 per page

Exemplified Copy                 $10.00 + $0.25 per page

Electronic Documents

Standard Copy                        $3.00 per request

Certified Copy                         $5.00 per request

Exemplified Copy                   $10.00 per request

** certified and exemplified copies delivered electronically must be printed in color

Audio Hearings

Electronic recording              $10 per day/hearing

Delivery Costs

Mailed                                      actual cost of mailing

CD                                             $1.00

Emailed                                    no additional charge

Other media                            actual cost of media

** payments must be made in full prior to processing your request​

A transcript is a written record of a hearing. Hearings are recorded using a digital audio system. When a transcript is requested, the audio recording of the hearing is sent to a certified transcriber.

To request a transcript please complete the Transcript Request Form below and include payment.  You can mail this form to:

Marion Circuit Court
Attn: Court Records
PO Box 12869
Salem, OR 97309

Or you may deliver to our Records department in person at

100 High Street NE
Salem, OR 97301.

There is a $10.00 processing fee per day/hearing requested. The transcriber will then contact you personally for the cost of making the actual transcript (usually a set amount per page). We are unable to quote these costs.

Transcript Request Form

NOTE: This section is for any request that is not related to a case.  If you have a case number to include with your request, please use the Records Request Form.

For records in the custody of the Trial Court Administrator (such as court policies or procedures, administrative records, etc.), you must submit your written request to the administration office by regular mail to:

Trial Court Administrator
Marion County Circuit Court
PO Box 12869
Salem, OR  97309​

Q: What format will my audio file come in?
Copies of audio recordings from hearings prior to 2017 will be sent in MP3 format, copies of any hearings after 2017 will be in WMA format (Windows Media Audio).

Q: How may I get access to records t​hat are confidential?
Juvenile Records: For information on Juvenile Records, please visit Juvenile Court Records Access Rules  and Releasing Juvenile Court Records. For other questions on how to access Juvenile Records, please contact the court at 503-588-5101​.

Adoption Records: For information on Adoption Records, please visit Adoption Record Access. If you qualify to request adoption records, please fill out the Request for Court Adoption Records. For additional questions on access to Adoption Records, please contact the court at ​503-588-5101.

Marijuana Pardon's: For in​​​formation on Governor Brown's Marijuana Pardon's records, please visit Marijuana Pardons Information.

For questions on accessing any other Sealed or other Confidential documents, contact the court records department at 503-588-5101.

Q: How far back do Marion County court records go?
Court records from 1987-Present are available in either physical form or digital. Limited court records prior to 1987 dating back to 1910 can be found though in the courts microfilm system.

The court is in possession of limited audio recordings from 2001-Present.

Q: What is th​​e difference between standard, certified, and exemplified copies?​

Standard copies are photocopies of a document or page in a file.

Certified copies are photocopies of a filed document in its entirety (everything filed as one document) that is sworn to be a true copy by a court clerk. The certified copy should not be taken apart, as once the staple is removed the certification becomes invalid. Electronic certified copies should always be printed in color and cannot be altered in any way. 

Exemplified copies are a photocopy of a filed document in its entirety that is sworn to by the Trial Court Administrator (TCA). The signature of the TCA is then sworn to by a judge. The TCA then swears to the authenticity of the judge's signature. Electronic exemplified copies should always be printed in color and cannot be altered in any way.​