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This page contains many forms that are specific for Marion County Circuit Court. Additional statewide forms are located in the Forms Center.

Note: If there are two versions of any form, select the Marion version.

Fee Deferral and/or Waiver Forms



Criminal - DUII Diversion

Civil – Miscellaneous

Criminal – General

Criminal – Relief from Sex Offender Reporting Requirements

Criminal – Setting Aside an Arrest and/or Conviction

Criminal – Certificate of Good Standing

Please see the Statewide Certificate of Good Standing Page for more information.

Criminal – Traffic Violations

Criminal – Requesting a Court Appointed Attorney

Criminal – Miscellaneous

Court Records


Please Note:  Family Law Forms are available on the statewide forms website

Family Law - Informal Domestic Relations Trial (IDRT)

Family Law - Miscellaneous

Juvenile – Emancipation

Juvenile – Miscellaneous

Landlord/Tenant - Residential (Forms for Landlords)

Landlord/Tenant - Residential (Forms for Tenants)

Landlord/Tenant - Return of Personal Property

Landlord/Tenant - Non Residential

Name and Sex Change – Adult

Name and Sex Change – Minor

Probate – Guardianships

Probate – Conservatorships

Probate – Small Estates

Probate – Court Visitors

Small Claims

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