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Mediator & Arbitrator Resources

Mediator Qualifications and Applications

The Court has several mediation programs. The requirements for serving as a mediator in a court referred case are provided in the Oregon Judicial Department Court-Connected Mediator Qualifications Rules and Marion County Circuit Court SLR Chapter 12.  The main requirements are as follows (the rules should be consulted for specific information):  

Civil Mediator (Small Claims, Landlord Tenant, Probate, and Other Civil Cases):

  • 30 hours basic mediation training.
  • 6 or 8 hours of court-system training (see rule for details).
  • Observe at least three mediations.

    · Mediate (or co-mediate) at least three court cases observed by a qualified supervisor.

Domestic Relations Custody and Parenting Mediator:

  • Degree Requirement.
    Ph.D, Masters, JD , or a Bachelor's degree with seven years of experience in defined areas. (See the rules for information on subject matter requirements.)
  • Training Requirements.
    • 30 hours basic mediation training, and
    • 40 hours domestic relations custody and parenting mediation curriculum.
    • 6 to 8 hours of court-system training (see rule for details)
  • Experience Requirement
    20 cases/100 hours with qualified supervisor, or 10 cases/50 hours plus 2 years FTE therapy, counseling or law

Domestic Relations Financial Mediator:

  • Must meet the requirements for a Domestic Relations Custody and Parenting Time Mediator (however, at least 10 cases/50 hours of supervised cases must be in domestic relations financial mediation).
  • 40 hour domestic relations financial mediation training.

If you are interested in serving, but need more information about how to get the training or experience required by the rules, click here or call the court's mediation coordinator at 503-373-4467.

To Apply:

Fill out and submit the appropriate application to: Marion County Circuit Court, Attn: Administration P.O. Box 12869, Salem, OR 97309.

Mediation Forms

Mediation Panels

Arbitrator Qualifications and Application

The Court maintains three arbitration panels for cases subject to court annexed arbitration pursuant to ORS Chapter 36: (1) personal injury, (2) domestic relations and (3) commercial/real property. The requirements for appointment to the panel are set forth in Marion County Circuit Court SLR 13.045, and include:
  • membership in the Oregon State Bar, or a retired or senior judge,
  • prior bar membership of at least five years,
  • participation in at least ten trials or arbitrations either as a lawyer or an arbitrator in the practice area the applicant wishes to arbitrate, and
  • submission of three letters of recommendation.

To Apply:

Fill out and submit an application, along with letters of recommendation, to: Arbitration Coordinator, Marion County Circuit Court, P.O. Box 12869, Salem, OR 97309.

Arbitrator Resources

Arbitrators appointed to a court panel will receive referrals pursuant to ORS 36.405, which sets forth the cases are subject to mandatory arbitration. Rules governing court annexed arbitration are set forth in ORS 36.405 through 36.425 and UTCR Chapter 13. Court-annexed arbitrators are also subject to the Code of Judicial Conduct. Please be aware that arbitrators are required to hold the arbitration proceeding in Marion County unless the parties have agreed to an alternative arrangement. See Marion County Circuit Court SLR 13.095.

Instructions for Arbitrators
Arbitrator Compensation Schedule 

Arbitrators serving on a court panel may submit an arbitrator profile form to the court in pdf format for posting on this website

Arbitrator Profile

Arbitration Forms

Questions? Contact the Arbitration Coordinator at 503-588-7988

Custody and Parenting Time Evaluation

Custody and parenting time evaluators are selected on a case-by-case basis by the assigned judge in consultation with attorneys working on the case. Those interested in serving may fill out the information form provided below and send it to: Mediation Coordinator, Marion County Circuit Court, P.O. Box 12869, Salem, OR 97309.

Custody Evaluator Application