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Treatment Courts


Recovery Opportunity Court (ROC)

"Recovery Opportunity Court" (ROC) exists to reduce drug abuse and criminal behavior. ROC includes treatment counseling and a support network, as well as regular monitoring and supervision. The ROC team includes a Judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a probation officer, treatment providers, and a court coordinator.

The program begins with an assessment of each applicant's risks and needs. Participants attend weekly court hearings with the ROC Judge. The team meets weekly before court to discuss participants' progress. Team members report participants’ successes and struggles. Rewards and sanctions are used to help participants redirect their lives and reach their personal goals.

Why Treatment Courts Work - NADCP


ROC Coordinator: 

Susie Wahl

Office: (541)776-7171 ext. 71096


ROC Orientations

Contact ROC Coordinator to arrange orientation.

ROC Court Hearings

Monday's at 2:00 PM

Wellness Court (formerly Mental Health Court)

For those with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness

Wellness Court (WC) is a treatment-focused program. It is for adults facing criminal charges in Jackson County as a result of their unmanaged mental illness. It includes intense court supervision. The goal is to help the person achieve lasting stability so that they are less likely to re-offend. 

In Wellness Court a person will follow a treatment plan that includes:

  • Medication management
  • Substance use monitoring
  • Individual therapy and groups
  • Skills training
  • Case management
  • Community integration

WC Coordinator: Shannon Larsen

Office: (541)776-7171 ext. 71135

Eligibility is determined by the Wellness Court Team.

There are several factors that determine eligibility, including a specific diagnosis. No single factor controls the decision. There should be a strong link between the person's mental illness and their charges. Criminal history and dangerousness will be considered. Applicants must be able and willing to do the program. For more information on eligibility, contact the WC Coordinator.