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Treatment Courts



Treatment courts lead people with substance use and mental health disorders out of the justice system and into lives of recovery and stability. They are the most successful intervention in the justice system in our nation's history for helping people with these issues.

Jackson County Circuit Court offers two treatment courts for eligible adults who face serious criminal charges. Recovery Opportunity Court (ROC) serves people with substance use disorder. Wellness Court serves those with severe mental illness.

Successful participants receive favorable legal outcomes, such as avoiding prison. Eligibility criteria can be found in each program's brochure. Admission is determined by each treatment court team.

Each program includes a team of treatment providers, attorneys, corrections, and law enforcement. Each program has oversight by an assigned circuit court judge.

Program requirements include:

  • Substance abuse counseling and monitoring
  • Mental health treatment (if indicated)
  • Safe/sober housing
  • Employment or other community engagement
  • Supervision by a probation officer, and
  • Frequent court appearances

Requirements are individualized to address the needs and risk to community safety by each participant. 

For Substance Use Disorder and Criminal Behavior



ROC Brochure
ROC Policy Manual
ROC Participant Benefits and Community Benefits


Wednesday @ 2:30pm
Justice Building - Courtroom 303
100 S. Oakdale Ave. Medford, OR 97501

ROC Coordinator:

Susie Wahl
541-776-7171 x71096

To Apply:

ROC Application
ROC Consent to Release of Information

Next Steps:

ROC Petition
ROC Orientation
ROC Phases
ROC Participant Handbook

For Severe Mental Illness and Addiction


WC Brochure
WC Policy Manual


Tuesday @ 1:30pm
Justice Building - Courtroom 203
100 S. Oakdale Ave. Medford, OR 97501

WC Coordinator:

Shannon Larsen
541-776-7171 x71135

To Apply:

WC Referral
WC Consent to Release Information

Next Steps:

WC Petition & Agreement
WC Plea Petition & Order
WC Phases