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Jury Resources

Juror Orientation

jurors in a courtroomWelcome to Jury Duty for the Jackson County Circuit Court. Your service as a juror is one of the most important things you will do in participating in our system of government and ensuring justice in our community. We hope to make your experience as rewarding as possible and we thank you for your willingness to take the time to serve your community. The right to a jury trial in certain cases is guaranteed in our constitution. A person who is entitled to a jury trial is entitled to a jury that represents the full community. It is important that a fair cross-section of community be represented on the jury to prevent discrimination, including discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age or economic status. Each juror is required to report on the day he or she is summoned. The term of service is noted on your summons, unless the juror is chosen for a trial that lasts longer than your term. In that event, service will be just for that trial. If a juror is summoned for Grand Jury, the term of service is eight (8) weeks, one day per week.  

Answering the Call for Jury Service

Trial Jurors

Most jurors serve on jury trials. Jury trials are held for criminal and civil cases.  Most jury trials last one or two days, but occasionally take longer. The Court makes every effort to effectively use juror's time and only call jurors to report for service when trials are scheduled to begin the following day. At the end of the trial, your service for the State Courts will be complete. Once a juror has served as instructed by the court, the juror's obligation is complete for a two-year period.

Grand Jurors

Some jurors are selected to serve on a Grand Jury. Grand Jurors listen to evidence and testimony of witnesses presented by the District Attorney and determine whether someone should be charged with a crime.  If you are selected to serve for Grand Jury, the term is for eight (8) weeks, one day per week.


​The day before you are required to report, please call 541-776-7171​ press 1 then press 2 after 5:00 p.m. and listen to the recorded message. The trial you have been summoned for may have been settled or dismissed, and you may not be required to report. You can also check and see if your juror number is called for the next day by clicking the button below to see the Online Jury Reporting Information.

Link to:

Your 10-digit Juror ID number is located on the front of the Juror Summons postcard sent to you in the mail. This is NOT the same as your 5-digit Juror No.

Your Juror ID number is located underneath the barcode on the front side and under Step 1 Respond to Summons on the back side. You will need your Juror ID number for completing the Online Response Questionnaire, and following submission of your Online Response Questionnaire, you can request to be Deferred to another date, or submit your request for a Qualifying Excusal.

If you are unable to complete the questionnaire online call, contact the Jury Coordinator at 541-776-7171​ Opt. 1 then Opt. 3​

Your 5-digit Juror No. is located on the front of your jury summons postcard underneath your Juror ID number and under Step 2 on the back side in the shaded box on the bottom right where you will find your Start Date, Term of Service, Juror No. and Reporting Location.

You will need your Juror No. when checking our website or calling in after 5:00 PM the evening before each of the days you are scheduled to appear to ensure that you have the most current reporting information.  ​

​​If you are selected for a jury panel, your service will last only as long as the trial on which you are selected to serve. At the end of the trial, your service for the State Courts will be complete. If you are selected to serve for Grand Jury, the term is for 8 weeks, one day per week.​

Court rules require anyone in court to dress and act with respect. This includes court staff, attorneys, parties to a case, jurors, witnesses and the public. The Court can remove people from the courtroom who do not dress or act with respect. You don't need to bring anything with you, but please know your juror number.

You are welcome to bring a book, magazine, laptop computer, cell phone, etc. Wireless internet is available in the jury assembly room.

Items such as knives, chemical sprays, knitting needles, recording devices and cameras are not allowed inside the courthouse. Please review the list of prohibited items

​The Jackson County Sheriff's Office provides security at the Jackson County Circuit Court and at the Jackson County Juvenile Justice Center. Security equipment in use at building entrances includes magnetometers (walk-through metal detectors), x-ray scanners, and handheld metal detectors. If you have a pacemaker, tell the court security officer about it before you enter the metal detector.

The main objective of court security is to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the building. Everyone's cooperation is needed in order to achieve this very important goal. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. A variety of items are prohibited because they are hazardous or could be used as potential weapons. Please review the list of prohibited items before coming to the courthouse.

Court security will not hold unauthorized items for return later. Any prohibited item that is brought to the court will be taken from you and permanently destroyed.​

If you are unable to report on the day stated on your summons, you may ask that service be deferred. You may only defer jury duty for up to one year. This request should be made within ten days of when you receive your summons.   You will be notified only if your request to be excused or deferred is denied.​

​Oregon law provides that your employer may not discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate or coerce you by reason of your service as a juror. Please report any such problems to the court, which has jurisdiction to prevent or restrain any such violations. However, your employer's policies or agreements with you regarding payment of wages during times of jury service are not affected by the Oregon law.​

​The Court has the power to order that you appear in Court and explain why you were unable to report for jury service. Citizens who don't appear for jury service may be punished for contempt.​

Let the Jury Coordinator or Courtroom Clerk know if your employer requires verification of your jury service.  Each day you report, we will have a verification form available for you.​

​Juror per diem is established by the legislature at $10.00 per day for the first two days and $25.00 per day for each day thereafter.  Round trip mileage reimbursement is $0.20/mile for the vehicle mileage traveled between your home and the courthouse.  Additional information regarding jury pay will be provided when you report for jury duty.

Unless otherwise provided by the terms of an employment agreement, a juror must waive the juror's fee provided if the juror is paid a wage or salary by the juror's employer for the days that the juror is required to attend a court. The provisions of this subsection do not affect any claim a juror may have for mileage reimbursement.

​Usually, lunch is from noon until 1:00 p.m. Occasionally, a judge may change the schedule for purposes of the trial. You may bring lunch, personal water bottles with you if you would like. Coffee and tea are provided. Lunch is not provided.​

Free parking is provided at the Justice Building - no permit is necessary for the parking lot. The parking permit provided on your jury summons is for on-street parking only, if necessary. Do not park in areas marked reserved, red, or green zone parking,

​The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) does not discriminate on the basis of disabilities in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs or services.  Under Title II of the ADA, each OJD program or service will be accessible to and usable by qualified persons with disabilities. 

The court will make reasonable accommodations for a juror with a qualified disability unless doing so would cause a change in basic court service or would result in unreasonable financial or administrative burdens for the court.  The court will provide ADA accommodations, including sign language interpreters and assistive devices, to participants in court proceedings including trials with speech and hearing disabilities.

To make arrangements, please notify the court in advance of your jury service regarding your disability and needed accommodation so we can assist in removing any barriers for jury service.  

To request an accommodation under the ADA for jury service:

  • Juror will need to fill out the OJD ADA Request for Accommodations and Response form and return to the jury coordinator as soon as possible, but not less than four (4) business days prior to service.
  • The ADA Request Form is on our Website:
  • Upon request, the ADA Request Form may be emailed to a juror for them to fill out and return by email to: or fax to 541-776-7057, or in-person at the 1st Floor Public Room at the Justice Building.   
  • It is common for people who do not usually consider themselves as having a hearing disability to have trouble hearing everyone clearly in some of the courtrooms. Every courtroom is equipped with ADA-approved, integrated, wireless assisted-listening devices. Jurors may request a device from the jury coordinator upon arrival. All assisted listening devices must be returned to the jury coordinator at the end of each day.
  • A request may be denied if:
    • The applicant is not a qualified individual with a disability under the ADA.
    • The requested ADA accommodations would create an undue financial or administrative burden on the OJD (as defined by the ADA).
    • The request fundamentally alters the nature of the services provided by the OJD (as defined by the ADA).
    • The court does not have sufficient information needed to grant the request. If that is the case, court staff will contact juror to discuss what more is needed.

For further assistance regarding ADA accommodations please contact the Jury Coordinator at 541-776-7171​, press 1, then press 3

​No, please do not mail a hard copy if you have already e-mailed information to the court.​

​Email: (preferred method)

Phone: 541-776-7171, press 1, then press 3

Fax: 541-776-​7057

Grand Jury

Phone: 541-776-​7171​, press 1, then press 1

​After you have completed your service, you may provide feedback by contacting the Jury Coorinator or by completing the survey provided at Jury Orientation.

Email (preferred):

Jury Coordinator
Jackson County Circuit Court
100 S. Oakdale
Medford, OR 97501