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Local Remote Hearings

Image of remote meeting on a computerGeneral Information

Jackson County Circuit Court has resources available to help court parties attend hearings remotely and is encouraging remote attendance whenever possible. Please review the information below to learn how to attend a hearing remotely.

Some hearings are held with one or more parties not physically present in the courtroom.  If the remote hearing is eligible for public viewing, it will be live-streamed through WebEx Events (the software Oregon’s state courts use for this purpose). To review what is available for live stream, please see our Court Calendar and Live Stream Proceedings page for our current schedule.

If you are a defendant or party to a case, the Litigant Guide provides more information. There are also guides for the general public, witnesses, and attorneys.


Information for Case Participants

Case participants are persons (litigants or defendants) who are parties in a case with pending matters to be resolved. When a case is scheduled for a remote hearing, some or all the participants, including attorneys and witnesses, may be required to appear via remote means. The court uses WebEx to host these remote hearings and will provide case participants with the link to join the hearing. See our Litigant Guide for more information on preparing for and accessing your scheduled remote hearing.

Cisco WebEx - Telephonic/Video Conferencing

Parties appearing in Court may file the WebEx Contact Form below to request a remote hearing. WebEx Contact Forms must be received by 4:00 pm, two (2) business days prior to your hearing. Do not email your WebEx Contact Form. The form must be eFiled through File & Serve, mailed via USPS, or delivered in-person at the Public Window in the Justice Building. This document may be eFiled as a confidential document using the code (ADCH) or turned in at the Jury Window in the Justice Building.

Jackson County Circuit Court is utilizing Cisco WebEx for most remote hearings. If your court matter has been set for a remote hearing, via telephone or video conference, you will be notified by email of the remote hearing at least one (1) business day before your matter is set before the court.

Remote Hearing Access Lines

 During COVID-19 restrictions, the court has developed conference phone numbers (remote access lines), for our regularly scheduled sessions, that are not mandatory for you to appear in person. These can be found by viewing our Remote Court Access Lines document. The hearings that are listed in these documents do not require a Remote Hearing Form to be filed with the court before using the access line.

Contacts and Information

For any questions regarding your remote hearing, please contact the court:

Phone: 541-776-7171 ext. 576    Email:


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