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Juvenile Records Requests

Due to the confidentiality of Juvenile cases, only parties to the case and their attorneys may request certain case records.

Hover over me Adoption and Juvenile cases are typically confidential. Only case parties and attorneys may receive case records.

Paper Records May Exclude Confidentially Managed Court Records.

Audio Records Require Finding of Good Cause.

Who Can Receive a Copy?

  • The child/youth and parent
  • Victim in a delinquency case
  • Attorneys for parties (including prospective)
  • Jackson County Juvenile Dept., DHS, OYA, CASA, CRB, DOJ, Jackson County District Attorney
  • "Any other person or entity" allowed by the court through motion and declaration

Copy Costs:

Parties to a case do NOT have to pay for paper or audio records. "Any other person or entity" allowed by the court through motion and declaration is responsible for paying copy costs prior to processing as follows:

  • Audio Records - $10.00 per CD
  • Paper Records - $0.25 per page
  • Certified Copies - $0.25 per page, plus $5.00 per court certified document

Payment for Copies:

The Juvenile Clerks' office accepts payments via Credit/Debit card by phone or in person. *$3.00 minimum transaction fee for payments made via credit/debit card.

Payments by cash or check can be made at any Civil/Family window in the Jackson County Circuit Court Justice Building located at: 100 S. Oakdale, Medford, OR 97501, OR payments may be made by phone with the Records department at 541-776-7171 ext. 35024.

To Request a Copy on a Closed Case or if not a Party on the Case:

  • Complete 'Motion' & 'Proposed Order' to 'Release Juvenile Records'
  • Submit filing to the Jackson County Circuit Court Juvenile Clerks Office - 609 W. 10th Street, Medford, OR 97501
  • Motion and Proposed Order Packet

Motion Requirements:

  • All Juvenile audio records requests require a Motion and Proposed Order to determine a good cause finding
    • *Exception: County/State as a related party or entity to the case (Juvenile Dept., DOJ, DHS, OYA, OPDS, prospective appellate attorneys, public defenders)
  • A statement detailing requestor's relation to the child/youth/case, specific documents or hearing sessions requested, and reason why the person or entity is requesting release of records
  • A sworn affidavit or declaration under penalty or perjury
  • If "Any Other Person or Entity" under ORS 419A.255, the Motion/Declaration must be served upon all parties and attorneys of record to the proceeding, providing written notice to the court under ORS 419B.851 & ORS 419B.854, or if unknown, the court is required to mail notice of time to object to a party or attorney of record at their last known address.