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Pretrial Services

Jackson County Circuit Court Pretrial Services

Our Mission

Promote public safety and maximize court appearances during the pretrial phase of a criminal case by fostering a pretrial system in Jackson County that prioritizes community safety, honors fairness & equity, and reduces the impact of pretrial detention on individuals.

The Pretrial phase of a criminal case occurs after a Defendant is arraigned and during the time the Defendant is awaiting trial.

Those on Pretrial Release are allowed the opportunity to remain outside of detention through the duration of their criminal case while agreeing to terms and conditions ordered by the court, including the expectation they will attend all future hearings. Pretrial Release is monitored until disposition of the case.

Any violation of release conditions may result in a hearing to show cause as to why release should be modified or revoked.  Contempt of Court Charges also may be filed for violation of a release condition. Failure to appear at any future hearing may result in a warrant for arrest.

Pretrial Services Division staff consist of Release Assistance Officers (RAO) who make recommendations to the court regarding release and conditions based on a Defendants criminal history and other factors such as ties to the community. RAO's are assigned to monitor compliance of Defendants who are on Pretrial Release and ordered to Pretrial Monitoring. Clients who are actively monitored by Pretrial Services are required to follow all ordered conditions of release as well as report to Pretrial Services on a designated recurring schedule for the duration of their criminal proceedings.

  • Individual is either arrested and lodged or cited on new alleged criminal charges
  • Individual will await an Arraignment hearing
    • If lodged, Arraignment will be set for the next judicial day.
    • If cited to appear in court by the District Attorney, the cite letter will show the date of Arraignment
  • The judge will issue an order at the Arraignment hearing, after considering​:
    • The classification and details of the alleged crime(s),
    • Input from the Prosecutor and Defense Counsels, and
    • Recommendations from a Release Assistance Officer, if applicable.
  • During the pretrial phase, individual are expected to:
    • Maintain contact with their attorney
    • Appear at all scheduled hearings, and
    • Remain law-abiding and compliant with conditions of their release.
  • ​Once a criminal case reaches its conclusion (disposition) the pretrial phase is complete.

What to Expect When Ordered to Pretrial Monitoring:

  • You will report in-person to Pretrial Services as Ordered for Intake or call to make an appointment
  • You will answer a few questions to:
    • Ensure the court has your updated contact information, 
    • That you are placed in the appropriate monitoring program, and 
    • Help identify any barriers to your success while on Pretrial Release
  • Pretrial Services staff will assist with setting up CaselinkPro™ for future phone check in appointments
  • Pretrial Services staff will review the terms and conditions of your release
  • You will sign an acknowledgment of expectations while on Pretrial Monitoring

Monitored individuals must check-in within one judicial day of Arraignment.
Please check in at the Public Room window on the 1st Floor.

Contact Information:
Pretrial Services
Jackson County Circuit Court
100 S. Oakdale Ave.
Medford, OR 97501

541-776-7171 Ext. 35056

Pretrial Services is a resource for information or supportive service referrals, and will monitor your compliance while on release and report to the court.

Your Attorney will be your resource for legal questions pertaining to the details of your case.