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Family and Children

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) is a way to legally end a marriage or registered domestic partnership. In Oregon the only reason you need for a divorce is that you and your spouse cannot get along. The law calls this "irreconcilable differences."

Legal Separation is an order from the court that can decide issues of property, debt, custody, parenting time, and support while the parties are still legally married.

Annulment is a way to legally void a marriage. You should speak with an attorney if you believe you have grounds for an annulment.

Parenting Education Class

You must attend Focus on Children, a parent education class, if you are the parent of a child under 18, and you are a party in a Lane County dissolution (divorce), legal separation, or legal action to establish or modify custody and/or parenting time. There is a fee for the class.  Information about the fee, payment options and how to register is available at the Lane County Mediation page.

A person may obtain a Restraining Protective Order to provide for protection from abuse by a family, household member, or someone with whom they have had a sexual relationship. The abuse must have been committed within the last 180 days.

A person may obtain a Stalking Protective Order if he/she or a member of the immediate family or household has been the subject of stalking and qualifies under Oregon law.

For information about how to apply for a Protective Order, visit the Lane County Victim Services page.

To access Protective Orders forms online, visit the Forms page.

The Family Court Assistance Office helps self-represented litigants in divorce, custody, or parenting time proceedings. Staff can help explain court procedures, review documents, and refer to other services and resources.  These cases involve important decisions and may have complex legal issues that are difficult to handle without a lawyer. Because your rights may be substantially affected, we strongly recommend you seek legal assistance from a lawyer who will protect your interests.

The Family Court Assistance Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Lane County Courthouse, 125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. You must pass through courthouse security and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. Check in at Court Records to the right of the elevators.

The Family Court Assistance Office has drop-in office hours on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. During drop-in hours you may purchase forms and receive a brief overview of the process.

To have completed documents reviewed, you must make an appointment in advance. To schedule an appointment, stop by the office during drop-in hours or call 541.682.4302.

For additional information on Divorce or Custody & Support visit the statewide Family Law Program website.

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