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 Courthouse Location

Lane County Circuit Court
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR  97401


The Court is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with the exception of legal holidays.

 Contact Information

Main Phone: 541.682.4020
Civil/Domestic Relations: 541.682.7696
Criminal: 541.682.7692
Traffic: 541.682.7691
Docketing: 541.682.6521
Family Court Assistance Office: 541.682.4302
Pretrial Services: 541.682.4201
Jury Coordinator: 541.682.4299

Judge Carlson, Charles: 541.682.4257
Judge Chanti, Suzanne: 541.682.4254
Judge Conover, Curtis: 541.682.6289
Judge Holland, Lauren: 541.682.4415
Judge Kasubhai, Mustafa: 541.682.4256
Judge Love, Valeri: 541.682.7455
Judge Merten, Maurice: 541.682.4258
Judge McAlpin, Jay: 541.682.4753
Judge McIntyre, Karrie: 541.682.4218
Judge Mooney, Josephine: 541.682.7914
Judge Rasmussen, Karsten: 541.682.4253
Judge Rigmaiden, Clara: 541.682.4250
Judge Rooke-Ley, Ilisa: 541.682.4300
Judge Vogt, Debra: 541.682.4027
Judge Zennache, Charles: 541.682.4259

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