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Aid and Assist


This information is meant for attorneys representing defendants in Aid and Assist cases under ORS 161.370, sometimes referred to as "370 cases".

Lane County uses local forms, specific to our County, for Aid and Assist orders. Attorneys should use these forms when creating proposed orders for Aid and Assist cases.

Relevant Forms

Orders Establishing or Modifying Commitment

DocumentDescriptionFile Type
Order for Commitment to Oregon State HospitalOrder finding the defendant unfit to proceed and commiting them to Oregon State Hospital for treatment.PDF
Order for Commitment to Community RestorationOrder finding the defendant unfit to proceed and commiting them to Community Restoration arranged by Lane County Behavioral Health (LCBH).PDF
Order to Step Down to Community RestorationThe defendant is currently committed to Oregon State Hospital, but should be transferred to Community Restoration arranged by LCBH.PDF
Order Continuing CommitmentThe defendant remains unfit and should remain committed to the Oregon State Hospital.PDF

Orders Planning For Defendant's Placement In Care Facility

DocumentDescriptionFile Type
Order for Community Mental Health ConsultationLCBH needs to consult with the defendant to determine whether required services are available in the community.PDF
30 Day Discharge Planning Extension OrderExtend the placement by up to 30 days while LCBH and/or OSH makes arrangements for defendant's placement.