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Remote Hearings

Remote Hearings Information and Instructions

Local Resources and Procedures to Assist Litigants During COVID-19 Restrictions:

Jackson County Circuit Court has resources available to help court parties attend hearings remotely and is encouraging remote attendance whenever possible. Please review the information below to learn how to attend a hearing remotely.

Cisco Webex - Telephonic/Video Conferencing

Parties appearing in Court may file the Webex Contact Form below to request a remote hearing. Webex Contact Forms must be efiled or received by 4:00 pm, two (2) business days prior to your hearing. This document may be efiled as a confidential document using the code (ADCH) or turned in at the Jury Window in the Justice Building.

Jackson County Circuit Court is utilizing Cisco Webex for most remote hearings. If your court matter has been set for a remote hearing, via telephone or video conference, you will be notified by email of the remote hearing at least one (1) business day before your matter is set before the court.

Remote Hearing Access Lines:  
Remote Hearing Documents:
Submitting Exhibits for Remote Hearings

Parties may submit exhibits for their court matter remotely. This may be done using the File and Serve e-filing system, or in limited circumstances, delivered to the court in person. Exhibits must be received at the court by 4:00 PM, 2 court days prior to the hearing. The form below provides a template for the required coversheet for exhibit submission as well as instructions on submitting exhibits remotely.

If you plan to appear in person and the opposing counsel or party is to appear by remote means, it is expected you provide your exhibits, exhibit list cover sheet and witness list to the opposing counsel or party 48 hours in advance of your hearing. Impeachment evidence, used at the time of witness testimony, (e.g. Oregon Rules of Evidence 609-1 and 612), will be resolved on a case by case basis.

Remote Hearings FAQ

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