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Local Court Rules & Presiding Judge Orders

Supplementary Local Court Rules (SLRs)

Each Oregon circuit court adopts Supplemental Local Rules (SLRs). These rules supplement the Uniform Trial court Rules (UTCRs). Rules are effective February 1 of each year unless they are adopted “out-of-cycle” by approval of the Chief Justice.

Prior Rules

Presiding Judge Orders (PJOs)

Active PJOs

Additional Links

OJD Rules Center, which includes:

  • Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCRs)
  • Supplementary Local Rules (SLRs) for all 36 courts
  • Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure (ORAPs)
  • Tax Court Rules
  • Other Rules

Oregon Legislature, which includes:

  • Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)
  • Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure (ORCPs)
  • Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)
  • Oregon Constitution
  • United States Constitution