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Court Etiquette

Appearing in Court

If you have been cited to appear in court, your Citation, Summons, Release Agreement or Notice to Appear will list the location, date and time of your hearing. Sometimes your case may not be the only case scheduled for a specific time and courtroom. Please be seated in the public area of the courtroom and wait until your name is called. Check the Calendar link or the monitor displaying today’s cases if you are unsure of the courtroom. If you cannot find your case, check in at the public service window for assistance.

To request a change in your appearance date, please make your request in writing. If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney must request the change. Your request may or may not, be granted. You may not change your appearance date on the day of the hearing. You may not change your appearance date by leaving a message, email or voice mail. If you fail to appear as scheduled, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, and other sanctions may be imposed. If the charge is a violation or the case is a civil matter, the court may decide the case in your absence.

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