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Court Calendars & Live Stream Proceedings

 Calendar Disclaimer

The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) publishes its calendars daily. However, changes may be made at any time over the course of the day. Please use the link below to verify your court appearance time.

 Circuit Court Calendars


  1. These are court proceedings. Unless an in-person appearance is required, your 'appearance' through WebEx is the same as being in the courtroom.
  2. Some case types are not broadcast publicly. If you have permission to appear by phone for one of these cases, you will have a DIFFERENT ACCESS CODE. Otherwise, public access (when allowed for designated hearings) is only IN-PERSON. COVID Safety measures apply, and space may be limited.
  3. Some hearings are held without WebEx. If you wish to appear by phone/video and have not received WebEx information, please contact the court ahead of time.

*If you are a party with permission to appear by phone, or if you wish to listen to a public hearing via phone:

  1. Dial into WebEx by calling 1-408-418-9388;
  2. Enter the Access Code for the courtroom where the proceeding is occurring;
    Courtroom 1 Pendleton (Judge Brauer):     187 433 3193 # #
    Courtroom 2 Pendleton (Judge Collins):     187 961 0950 # #
    Courtroom 3 Pendleton (Judge Lieuallen): 146 177 5664 # #
    Courtroom 4 Hermiston (Judge Temple):    146 779 6240 # #
    Courtroom 5 Hermiston (Judge Hill):           146 110 6162 # #
    Morrow County/Heppner:                            146 017 0110 # #         
  3. MUTE your phone - hearings are recorded and background noise affects the recording.
  4. When the judge calls your name and case numbers, unmute your phone and tell the judge you are present by telephone.

If you dial in late, your case may have been called already. Call your attorney to find out what you need to do (or if you do not have an attorney, contact the court).

If you call and the recording says the WebEx meeting has not yet started, hang up and call back right away - keep trying until the system lets you into the meeting. This may be due to a delay or technical difficulty.

Detailed information regarding remote hearings can be found at

 Live Stream Proceedings

View user guides regarding virtual proceedings

NOTE: At this time Umatilla and Morrow County Circuit Courts ONLY have live-streaming video available by prior approval of the trial judge; however, public live streaming may be added in the future.

Live streaming of proceedings begins approximately five minutes before the scheduled proceeding time, but may be delayed due to technical issues or other hearings running late.

 Please ensure your computer is configured properly before the proceeding begins. 

 When joining the live stream you will be asked for your name and email address. Proceeding participants should register with their legal name. Members of the public that wish to remain anonymous may enter "anonymous" for first and last name and "" for the email address. Viewers who were not called to participate in a case or are registered as “anonymous,” will only be able to observe the proceeding.

Today's Courtroom Hearings Live Streams

Future Courtroom Hearings Live Streams

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