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General Information

Violations are offenses that are punishable by a fine, but are not punishable by a term of imprisonment. The most common types of violations include Traffic, Boating, and Fish & Wildlife. The court will not appoint or pay for you to have an attorney for violation cases, but if you wish, you may hire an attorney at your own expense. Please contact the Oregon State Bar if you need help finding an attorney.

It is important to read your summons (citation), front and back, as it contains important information such as:

  • Whether you have been charged with a CRIME or a VIOLATION;
  • Where you must appear: Municipal, Juvenile, Justice, or Circuit Court;
  • The type of offense(s) committed;
  • The presumptive fine amount imposed for each offense; and
  • Your court appearance Date, Time and Location.

If you are charged with a CRIME or a violation requiring a mandatory personal court appearance, you MUST COME TO COURT at the time and place indicated on the bottom of your summons (citation) and/or in the Notice of Scheduled Appearance sent by the Court. If you are cited to appear in a Municipal or Justice Court, contact that court directly, as information on this page does not apply.

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