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All courtrooms are equipped with video conferencing systems.  The court is not responsible for securing equipment or a location for other parties to appear remotely via video conference.
To schedule a video conference, please contact your judge’s office.

All courtrooms are equipped with wireless assisted listening devices. which can be requested from the jury coordinator or the courtroom clerk. All assisted listening devices must be returned to the courtroom clerk at the end of each day.

The court offers a presentation system in all courtrooms. These allow attorneys and pro se litigants to attach a laptop via HDMI or VGA and 3.5mm audio to show a laptop on the courtroom television(s). The courtrooms' recording system records any audio played back from connected laptops.

The court offers both an HDMI and a VGA/3.5mm audio cable in each courtroom, but attorneys and pro se litigants must provide their own laptop and any video adapters necessary for their laptops to connect to the presentation system.

The presentation system supports only Windows or Mac laptops. It does not support iPads, iPhones or any other mobile device.

All courtrooms are equipped to allow external parties to appear by phone. If you would like to schedule a phone conference, please contact your judge’s office.

If you will be appearing by phone, please keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Use a landline whenever possible
  • If you must use a cell phone, do not use the speakerphone feature
  • Make sure you are in a quiet location

The court offers publicly accessible wireless Internet access at all three of its locations. This wireless Internet access is mostly found in and just outside the courtrooms. The court does not guarantee access, availability or speed and does not provide technical support to users of the publicly available wireless network.