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Juvenile Court


There is a filing fee.

Set Aside (expungement) of Juvenile Arrest and Criminal Court Records

To have your record set aside (expunged) you must file legal documents with the Court and the Juvenile Department office. The Court does not have these forms. You can contact an attorney or file the forms yourself. The Douglas County Juvenile office provides information on the proper procedures to follow when requesting records be set aside (expunged). Contact information:

Advice of rights Dependency and/or Delinquency

Juvenile Court

The purpose of the Douglas County Juvenile Court is to assure that a minor within the court’s jurisdiction is provided with the care and services that best meets his/her needs. The jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court extends both to dependent and delinquent matters.


The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction in most cases involving a youth who is under 18 years of age and who has committed an act which is a violation of the law or ordinance.  The District Attorney (DA), Attorney General (AG), Juvenile Department, or the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) may file a petition in the Juvenile Court alleging that a youth is within the jurisdiction of the court.


Dependency petitions involve a youth who is under 18 years of age.  Situations in which a dependency petition may be filed include a child:
  • Who is beyond the control of his/her parents;
  • Who is dependent for the care and support on a public or private child-caring agency;
  • Whose parents have abandoned, neglected, or abused the child; or
  • Who has run away from home.
Changes to Petitions are usually filed by the Department of Justice 541-686-7973