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Traffic / Violations

Circuit Courts do not oversee Justice Courts. If you have any issues or concerns, please refer to the links to each respective court.

Plea Options

No Contest Plea: When you enter a plea of no contest, you waive the right to trial. Your fine will be assessed at the time you enter your no contest plea.
Not Guilty Plea:  If you plead not guilty, the case will be set for trial and you will receive notice of the trial date by mail. At the trial you may present evidence and call witnesses.
Trial by Declaration:  If you plead not guilty and request a trial by affidavit, court staff will send you Trial by Declaration paperwork for you to complete and return to the court.
In person or mail: 
Douglas County Circuit Court
1036 SE Douglas Ave 
Justice Building, Room 201
Roseburg, OR 97470

Failure to Appear

If you do not appear on or before your first appearance date by mail or in person, court staff will enter a default judgment.
The entire presumptive fine will be charged along with any additional fees or assessments.

Violations Trials

When you appear at the courthouse for your trial, you should check in to Room 201 and court staff will direct you to the correct courtroom. Please be prepared to present your case at the time listed on your trial notice.
Please be respectful and follow courthouse etiquette.

Electronic Payments

If you receive a ticket from the Oregon State Police and wish to pay using OJD Courts ePay, you will enter the Complaint/summons number located on the right side of the ticket not the Case number SP##. 
Traffic ticket with Complaint Number circled


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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