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Court Records

Court Records Requests

Public documents in most court cases newer than 2011 can be viewed on the computer in the courthouse lobby for free.

You must submit a copy request form if you want your own copies or if you want documents from cases older than 2011. 

You can submit a copy request by email, mail, fax, phone, or in person at the courthouse. Most requests are completed within 5 business days.

We can provide:

  • Paper copies of public documents
  • Emailed PDF copies of public documents
  • Audio copies of hearings in MP3 or FTR format
  • Certification – Documents sworn to be a true copy by the court clerk.
  • Exemplification – Documents sworn to be a true copy by the court clerk and Presiding Judge.
You can use OJD's free Online Record Search to find case numbers and specific documents you would like to request. 


All fees must be paid in full before any copies will be made. Fees can change at any time. Current Circuit Court fees can be found here:

Fees as of January 2023:

Paper copies$0.25 per page printed
Emailed PDF copies$3.00 per case, per request
Scanned copies
$0.20 per page scanned
Certification$5.00 per document
$10.00 per document
Audio Recordings on CD$10.00 per disc
Emailed Audio Recordings $9.00 per transmission
Dependent on weight

Juvenile and Adoption Records

Adoption and juvenile cases are confidential, and access to these cases is limited.

To request copies from a juvenile case, please fill out the copy request form and the supplemental juvenile request form.

To request copies from an adoption case, fill out the adoption request form