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Telephone Testimony

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Do I have to get permission to appear in court by phone? YES
Case Type Requirements
Criminal Offenses
  • Requests must be in writing, in motion format. Letter requests are not allowed.
  • Be advised that some appearances by phone are not allowed pursuant to Oregon Law.
Matters Not involving criminal charges
  • In writing. For non-evidentiary hearings, such as pre-trial conferences, we will accept a letter advising of/requesting phone appearance.
  • For trials and evidentiary hearings, requests must be in motion format.
Traffic appearances
  • Permission to appear by phone is required. Contact this office immediately to learn your option regarding a traffic citation.
  • UTCR Chapters 4 & 5 and Local Rule (SLR) 3.051 set out the requirement for appearing via phone.
  • Ideally the request should be included in the motion requiring the hearing. 
  • Who sets up a conference call?
    • The first party to request phone appearance is required to coordinate the conference call.
  • When your appearance is allowed, you will be given instructions on how to call for your hearing.