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Jury Coordinator
Sarah Romer

541.962.9500 Option #1

Union County Circuit Court
1105 K Ave
La Grande, Oregon 97850


Jurors in a jury box

Jury Response

If you have received a jury summons and wish to respond online click on the button below to fill out the Online Juror Response Form.

 Fill Out Online Juror Response Form 

Jury Call-In

If you are currently serving as a juror, please remember to call the Jury Recording number at 541.963.9400 at the direction of the jury clerk during your term of service. You can also check and see if your juror number is called for the next day by clicking the button below to see the Online Jury Call information.

 View Online Jury Call Numbers

Term of Service

Your term of service is two months. In a two-month period the average service is 1-2 trials. It is important that you complete the juror response form and attend the required jury orientation as instructed in your summons. We also encourage you to complete the certification and waiver form prior to orientation and return it to the court as soon as possible. This form can be submitted in person, by mail or by emailing it to


You must be a United States Citizen, a resident of Union County and 18 years or older. You are also not eligible to serve if you have served as juror in this state in the last 24 months or are currently serving a jail or prison term due to a felony. If you are not eligible for any of these reasons please check the appropriate box on your juror response form and return it to the court to be excused.

Requests to be excused or deferred

If you are 70 years of age or older or currently breast feeding a child, mark the appropriate box on the juror response form and you will be excused. All other requests to be excused must be detailed and in writing. In most cases you will not be excused, but we may defer your term of service. Requests to be deferred may be granted one time not to exceed one year from the date of your original summons. We will notify you by mail whether your request has been granted or denied.

Failure to Respond

Jury duty is a civic duty of each citizen. Failure to respond to the jury summons may result in Contempt of Court.

Juror Orientations

You are required to attend the virtual jury orientation as instructed in your summons. If there is a conflict with access to the virtual WebEx session, please call the jury coordinator to discuss the option for an in-person orientation session.

Orientation Material

The juror videos and instructions will be presented during the virtual jury orientation. This information will remain available here, along with some additional information, for review at any time.