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Name Change and/or Sex Change

Name and Sex Change

Oregon law authorizes change of name and/or sex or gender identity under certain circumstances through both Court Order or administrative application. For more general information about the law or the administrative process of changing legal records visit the Oregon Public Health Division website.

Applying for a Name and/or Sex Change in Lane County
To apply for a name change, or name and sex change, in Lane County start by filling out the appropriate documents in the forms section below. All applicants will need to fill out both of these documents:
  • Name and Sex Change Packet (PDF)
  • Name Change - Supplemental (PDF)
Make sure to choose the correct document for adult or minor applicants. Applications for minors have additional requirements. Please read this informational document carefully to understand what all will be required.

After completing the required documents, file them with the court in person, or by US mail. The court will open a case, review the documents, and you will be contacted by the court regarding your next step. This next step may include a hearing before a judge.

Relevant Forms