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Parenting Plans

Sample Parenting Plans 

Oregon law requires a parenting plan in family law court cases involving children.  The parenting plan may be general or detailed.  At a minimum, the plan must say how much time the children will spend with each parent.  ORS 107.102

Please see the brief explanation of each parenting plan below, followed by the forms associated with each plan. You can and should make changes to each of these plans to fit your family's needs. 

Sample Local Parenting Plan 

Start with this plan if both parents live near each other. Click here for the Local Parenting Plan. 

Sample Long Distance Parenting Plan 

Start with this plan if the parents live far apart and must drive a long time or take an airplane to see their children.  Click here for the Long Distance Parenting Plan. 

Sample Safety Focused Parenting Plans 

Start with one of these two plans if there are concerns about a parent's ability to safely parent children.  This guide may help you decide if you need a safety focused parenting plan:  Safety Concerns (Questions to Help You Decide)

Supervised Safety Focused Parenting Plan

Start with this plan if a parent needs to have someone else help them safely parent during parenting time.  

Unsupervised Safety Focused Parenting Plan 

 Start with this plan if a parent cannot safely parent by themselves overnight.  

Average Number of Overnights for Each Parent for Child Support Worksheet and Sample Two-Year Calendars

The calculation of the average number of overnights the children will spend with each parent is important because it is one of the factors that the Division of Child Support uses to calculate child support.  Click here to see the average number of overnights for sample plans and access sample two-year calendars for each child.

Modelo para un Plan de Crianza

La ley de Oregon requiere un plan de crianza en casos con hijos menores de edad. El plan de crianza puede ser general o detallado. Como mínimo, el plan debe indicar cuánto tiempo pasarán los hijos con cada padre. El modelo para un plan de crianza en español es para su referencia únicamente. El tribunal requiere que todos los documentos sean presentados en inglés. (Ley ORS 1.150). Haga clic aqui para acceder al modelo.

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