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Case File Copies

The Records File Room is responsible for maintaining all documents in the local court files and serves the public by aiding with records searches and copies of court documents. Requests can be made in person, online, or by mail on a first come, first serve basis.

Electronic copies are .20 cents per page.
Hard copies are .25 cents per page.
Certified copies are $5.00 per document plus .25 cents per page.
Exemplified copies are $10.00 per document plus .25 cents per page.

 To obtain copies in person visit us at

Deschutes County Circuit Court
First Floor, File Viewing Window (#4)
1100 NW Bond Street
Bend, OR 97703
To request copies by mail
Send a request with a self-addressed stamped envelope and include the following information: 
  • The complete name of the person or persons involved
  • The case number or year it was filed
  • The specific documents you are requesting (or entire case file)
  • How you want to receive the documents (electronic/emailed copy, or hard copy)
  • State whether or not you want each document certified, or just regular copies
  • Your name and contact information in case we have questions
Include a check made payable to the State of Oregon.  If you do not know the correct amount for your request, we accept not-to-exceed (NTE) checks with a maximum of $30.00.
Mail the letter, check and self-addressed stamped envelope to: 
Deschutes County Circuit Court
Attn: File Room Department
1100 NW Bond Street
Bend, OR 97703

 To request copies online

Case File Copies may be requested through an online web form.

Attention Government Agencies: Please send your records requests 

What is the difference between regular, certified, exemplified copies and apostille certification?

  • Copies are a photocopy of any document in a file.
  • Certified copies are photocopies of a filed document in its entirety (everything within a staple) that is sworn to be a true copy by a court clerk. The certified copy should not be taken apart, as once the staple is removed the certification becomes invalid.
  • Exemplified copy, also called a 3-way certificate, is a photocopy of a pleading in its entirety that is sworn to by the Trial Court Administrator (TCA).  The signature of the TCA is then sworn to by the presiding judge.  The TCA then swears to the authenticity of the presiding judge’s signature.
  • Apostille certification is a process for certifying documents for foreign countries under the Hague Conference on Private International Law.  The Oregon Secretary of State processes apostille certifications.  If you are going to submit a court document to the secretary of state for apostille certification, please tell court staff so that we can ensure that an authorized court staff person can proccess and certify your document prior to apostille certification by the Office of the Secretary of State.  Please visit the website of the Oregon Secretary of State for information regarding their processes for apostille certification.