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Parental Mediation Services

The Deschutes County Circuit Court believes that people who work together to reach a solution for child custody and parenting time issues are more likely to honor the agreement and work cooperatively within the agreement.  Therefore, the Circuit Court has adopted Supplementary Local Rule 12.015 (SLR) which requires the use of mediation services to make an initial attempt to resolve issues related to child custody and parenting time.
You should read the complete text SLR 12.015 to fully understand what is required under the Rule.
Parental Mediation Services are provided by Deschutes County Health Services.  You may call the mediation office at 541.385.1719 to schedule a mediation appointment.  For more information, please see the Health Service’s Parental Mediation Services.
The Parental Mediation Service is different from Small Claims and FED (Forcible Entry and Detainer or Landlord-Tennant) Mediation Services which are directly managed by the Court.

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