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Expungement: Setting Aside an Arrest Record

Oregon Revised Statute ORS 137.225 allows some types of records to be erased from a person’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH). You are encouraged to read this statute to help you decide if you qualify to have an item taken off your record.

Certain crimes are not able to be set aside. These include:

  • Sex crimes and crimes against children
  • Class “A” or Class “B” felonies (A conviction for possession of marijuana may be able to be set aside, even if it was a Class “A” or “B” felony)
  • Traffic offenses

Convictions cannot be set aside until 3 years have passed from the pronouncement of judgment.

Convictions cannot be set aside if you are still on probation, parole, or post-prison supervision.

Convictions cannot be set aside if you have been convicted of another crime (excluding motor vehicle violations) within the 10-year period immediately preceding the filing of your motion.

To determine if a conviction or arrest will qualify for expungement please read the Expungement (Set Aside Arrest) Packet carefully.

Set Aside FAQ

Set Aside Overview

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