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Treatment Courts

Court Coordinated Services (CCS)

For people with chronic mental illness or a developmental disability

Court Coordinated Services (CCS) is a mental health court with a treatment-focused program of court supervision for adults facing criminal charges in Yamhill County.  The goal is to help the individual achieve lasting stability so that they are less likely to re-offend.  In CCS the participant will follow a treatment plan that may include medication monitoring, substance abuse monitoring, individual and group therapy, skill training, case management and community integration.

Eligibility for the program is determined by the CCS Team.   The person must have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Bipolar I or II, a chronic paranoid disorder, a chronic psychotic disorder not caused by substance abuse, or a developmental disability.  Other diagnoses may be considered on a case-by-case basis.   There must be a strong link between the person’s illness/disability and their current criminal charges.   Criminal history and dangerousness will also be taken into consideration.   Applicants must be Yamhill County residents and able and willing to engage in services.
For more information, contact Michelle Taber, Coordinator 503-435-3068.

Adult Recovery Court (ARC)

Treatment courts are one of our nation’s most successful approaches for getting people with substance use and mental health disorders out of the criminal justice system and into recovery and stability.
Adult Recovery Court (ARC) is a court supervised program focused on reducing substance abuse and criminal behavior. The program includes treatment, drug testing, community-based recovery support groups, a pro-social support network, and accountability. Most participants spend 18 – 24 months in the program.
Court hearings are held every other week. The ARC team meets before each hearing to discuss participants’ progress. During the hearing, participants have an opportunity to share their accomplishments and their challenges with the ARC Judge. Rewards and sanctions are used to help ARC participants redirect their lives and reach their goals.
Is ARC for you?
  • You are a Yamhill County resident
  • You have an active substance abuse problem
  • You have criminal charges that are related to your substance abuse
  • You want accountability, recovery and an end to the recyle of arrest and re-arrest
  • You reside in another County
  • You aren’t willing to participate in treatment
  • You have certain disqualifying charges
  • You pose a significant risk to community safety
To find out more about ARC, or to request an eligibility screening, please contact the Treatment Court coordinator at 503-435-3068, or stop by Room 208 at the Courthouse, or send a kite.

Juvenile Drug Court (JDC)

The Yamhill County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) is designed as an incentive-based program intended to help youth overcome addiction and drug use issues. It is cooperative effort between the Yamhill Circuit Court, the Juvenile Department and the adolescent chemical dependency and mental health programs. All youth in JDC must be on formal probation and court ordered to participate.  JDC is a four-phase program that requires strong participation in order to see success. Parent(s)/guardians must also be involved.   JDC youth work on achieving and maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle by consistent attendance and following the programs designed to meet youth’s needs. JDC includes: weekly court appearances, treatment meetings, probation visits at home and office, recovery support meetings, goal setting and focusing on personal growth. Youth earn points each week to motivate them to progress to the next phase of the program. The intent of the program is to reward positive changes in thinking and behavior. The JDC Judge may also impose consequences for non-compliance. Ultimately, the goal is for youth to achieve significant clean time to achieve their personal goals before graduating from JDC.