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Technical Support

Evidence Submitted in an Electronic Format - 

Uniform Trial Court Rule 6.190 

  1. Any exhibit or testimony to be presented to the court in an electronic format shall be compatible with the court’s electronic equipment.
  2. Prior to trial or hearing, a party intending to offer electronic evidence must make sure it is in a format compatible with the court’s equipment. A party is responsible for the cost, if any, incurred by the court as a result of the party’s use of the court’s electronic equipment or in repairing the court’s electronic equipment as a result of a party’s use of it.
  3. Parties may use their own equipment to present electronic evidence. However, parties using their own equipment may need to make their equipment available to the court, opposing parties, and the jury.
  4.  It is a party’s responsibility to provide any technical support needed in presenting the party’s evidence and in making its evidence compatible with the court’s electronic equipment or in using the party’s own equipment.





​The courthouse has one public unsecure Wi-Fi network. OJD Guest Wi-Fi is provided by the Oregon Judicial Department. The Court does not provide technical assistance, software or other support services to any user, either in the courtroom or the lobby.

​If you wish to use the Court’s video conferencing system for a Court appearance, you must file a written request with the Court at least 5 business days prior to the hearing or trial date. If the connection is outside the OJD’s state network, 10 business days advance notice is required. The written request must include:

  • Case name and case number
  • Agency name
  • Location
  • Date and time of testimony
  • IP Address for the remote site video connection
  • Contact name and phone number for remote site

If the connection is outside the OJD’s state network, arrangements will need to be made for testing the connection between the connecting parties, prior to the Court date. The requesting party must make advanced arrangements between the Court and external site for testing the connection. Contact the Court’s information technology staff to schedule the testing. Please allow for two weeks between date of the request and time of hearings for testing to take place. Please note that the Court will not provide the Court’s local video IP Address, therefore, an IP Address from the remote site must be provided to the Court in order to facilitate a video conference connection.

​Information Technology Staff – 503-434-3052

  • All requests to appear for a hearing via telephone must be preapproved by a Judge.
  • The courtrooms are restricted to two incoming phone lines. If more than two parties will be attending a hearing telephonically they will need to either:
    • Conference call together prior to calling into the court or
    • The party requesting the telephonic hearing can provide a conference call for all parties, including the court, to dial into for the hearing. That number must be provided to the court at the time the hearing request is made to the court.

​Each courtroom is equipped with a large flat screen TV and the ability to connect any device via an HDMI or VGA cable for power point presentations, video, audio, etc. Court technology staff will only provide information regarding the specifications of the Court’s equipment. Parties are responsible for arranging their own technical support relating to laptop connections, resolution requirements and application performance.