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Security Release (Bail)

Image of money and handcuffs and gavel with word bailIn Yamhill County, the Presiding Judge has set security release (bail) amounts for all charges. At any time the court may increase or decrease the amount of security release. The security release deposit is 10% of the total security as set by the court, release officer, or jail. The security release funds may be posted at the jail and if they are they must be in the form of cash only.

Things to Consider Before You Post Security Release For Yourself or Another Person

  • The court will automatically keep 15% of the security release posted, not less than $5.00 and not more than $750.00.
  • The court will, unless otherwise ordered, apply the security release deposit to the financial obligations on the case it was posted and any other financial obligation the defendant owes in any circuit court in Oregon.
  • Security release deposit may be applied to any other judgments and child support arrears.
  • If the person fails to appear at the next scheduled court date the court may order forfeiture of the security release (bail) that was posted.
  • Any refunds of security release will be made payable to the person who is listed as posting the funds as shown by the court records, unless otherwise ordered by the court.
    • If you post security release in your name any refund will be returned to you
    • If you post security release in the name of the person being released the funds will not be returned to you. If anything is to be returned, it will be returned to the person released.