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Child Support

Image of child sleeping with a teddy bearChild support is money one parent pays the other parent or guardian (or sometimes the State) to meet the needs of a child. In Oregon support is based on the combined income of the parents and what parents at that income level spend to support their children. Usually, child support is paid when the parents do not live in the same household. Child support includes money payments and providing health insurance coverage. Child support is usually paid on a monthly basis. The court can order child support to be paid. Oregon has guidelines for calculating support. Your attorney or our Family Law Resource staff can provide help with child support calculations.

View Oregon Judicial Department Family Law Program Information regarding support.

Yamhill County Presiding Judge Order 16-008

Per Presiding Judge Order 16-008 child support worksheetsare required when cases involve minor children. These need to be submitted with the petition. You can do worksheets on the Oregon Department of Justice website. The petition must include the child support worksheets. Also, Yamhill County judges require detailed parenting plans that are enforeable. You can find our state parenting plans here