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Child Custody and Parenting Time Mediation


Mediation is an opportunity for the parties to settle custody and parenting time issues out of court instead of going to trial and asking a judge to make these decisions. The mediator is a neutral person who helps guide settlement discussions, provides information, and writes down agreements. There is no fee for court-ordered mediation.

Mediation is mandatory in all contested custody and parenting time cases unless waived by a judge. Family abuse restraining order cases are exempt by law. Parties should notify the mediator if domestic violence is an issue in the case.

Court Mediation Coordinator

Kimberly Sullivan

Family Court Mediators

Kathleen Horgan
119 NE Third Street
McMinnville, Oregon 97128

Lisa Mayfield
565 Union St. NE, Suite 205
Salem, Oregon 97308

Mediators For Other Types of Cases

"Your Community Mediators" 503.435.2835

Other Information

The mediator is a neutral third party, who is a state-certified professional, not a judge. The mediator will assist parents to reach a mutual understanding, will present information about children’s needs and development, will explain the practice of the court and may offer alternative options for resolving issues. PARENTS, not the mediator, will decide issues.

The mediation process is confidential. The mediator will not be a witness in court and will not provide information (unless you give permission) to attorneys about what happens in mediation. This is to encourage parents to communicate in a frank and open manner without fear that what they say will be used against them in court.

Participants in mediation are bound to mediate in good faith. This means that mediation is to be used in an attempt to discuss and resolve problems of custody and visitation. This is an opportunity for parents to determine what is in the best interests of your children.

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