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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


​You must either pay the full amount you owe or be set up on a payment plan. Once you have resolved your past due debt to the court, DMV or ODFW will be notified to reinstate your license. There may be additional fees you need to pay to DMV.

​Yes, however, you must request to be set up on a payment plan. The court will add a fee to each case not paid in full within 30 days after judgment (ORS 1.202(2)). The fee is:

  • $50 on a case balance that is under $150;
  • $125 on a case balance that is between $150 and $399;
  • $200 on a case that is $400 or more.

​The answer is no. Communicating with a judge about your case or ticket, without the other party present, is called "ex parte" contact and is not allowed.


​To file a Small Claim you will need to file a Claim and Notice of Claim Form with the court. These forms and Instructions are available at the courthouse and on our website. The maximum amount you can file for is $10,000.00. Please Review our fee schedule for the required filing fee.

​Contact the Victim’s Advocate in the District Attorney’s Office to obtain a Restraining Order or Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) packet.  There is no charge to obtain or file this packet. You may also utilize OJD iForms which is an online application that generates forms based on your responses to a set of questions. You will need to print your completed documents. Once completed, your petition for the Restraining Order will be filed with the court and you will be given a court date to appear before a judge.

​To file an eviction (FED) with the court you will need both a Complaint form and a Summons form, along with the notice of eviction that was given/served to your tenant(s). These forms and Instructions are available at the courthouse and on our website.  Please review our fee schedule for the required filing fee.

​You can file for a name change at the courthouse. Name change forms can be found on the court website or purchased at a stationery store that carries legal forms. An attorney can also file a name change for you. Forms for a name change of a minor/child are different than for an adult so be sure to select the correct forms. Please review the fee schedule for the name change filing fee.

Family Law / Divorce and Custody

​You can file on-line using interactive online forms or you can find more information at on our Family Law page.

​A clerk is available at the court or via telephone to assist you with the paperwork.  Please fill out as much as possible prior to speaking to the clerk.  The clerk cannot give you legal advice.​