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Written Transcripts

 Transcript Information 

The Court does not prepare on-site transcripts.
If you are not filing an appeal of your case, you may only need an audio copy of the hearing or trial and not a transcript.  An audio copy is a sound recording that you listen to.  A transcript is a written record of the hearing that you read.  Written transcripts are not normally part of Circuit Court case files.  Transcripts are made by a professional transcriber who listens to the audio (sound) recording and types the spoken words into a written document.  Transcripts are much more expensive than audio copies.  If you would like a written transcript, you may obtain an audio recording of the proceeding from the court, and then have it transcribed at your own expense.  (See Court Records - Audio Copy)
State law restricts who may receive transcripts of hearings and trials for some case types such as adoptions and juvenile cases.  If you are requesting a transcript from a restricted (confidential) case type, your request may be denied or you may be required to complete additional paperwork, show identification, and pick up the copies in person.


If you have further questions, please contact the Transcript Coordinator at 541-475-3317 x310