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Recovery Court

Recovery Court Program Description:

Recovery Court is a special program in the Court system that is designed to assist individuals with substance use disorder and give them the tools they need to change their lives. The Recovery Court Program focuses primarily on high risk, high needs individuals. 

The Recovery Court Judge: Annette Hillman serves as the leader of an inter-disciplinary team of professionals. That team includes: The District Attorney's Office, Jefferson County Parole and Probation Department, BestCare Treatment Services, Defense Attorney's to participants, the Specialty Court Coordinator, as well as other community partners. This team works together to provide intensive supervision and support to its participants.

The Jefferson County Recovery Court Program has five (5) phases that need to be successfully completed.  The program is scheduled to be 18 months in duration, although some people may need more time to complete the program. To graduate, you must demonstrate continuous abstinence from drugs and alcohol for a substantial period of time, satisfy the conditions of treatment and Supervision, complete all phase requirements, and pay applicable fines and fees.

Court hearings are a major component of Recovery Court and occur twice a month on Friday mornings at 9:45am.  Prior to Recovery Court Hearings, the team reviews and discusses participants progress in treatment during a team staffing. The judge then imposes an incentive, or a sanction based on your progress during the Recovery hearing. 

You will be expected to attend and fully participate in the Jefferson County Recovery Court Program. This includes following any and all recommendations for treatment made by treatment provider. Including recommendations of attending daily day treatment or a residential program. Other requirements may include attending groups, mental health appointments, support groups, Recovery Court activities, drug and alcohol testing, and other appointments as directed.

In Recovery Court frequent drug and alcohol testing is required by the program.  Participants are given instructions on how and where to provide UAs. 

Recovery Court is a challenging program that requires individuals to want to make changes and work toward their sobriety.

Benefits of Recovery Court Include:

  • Access to intensive substance abuse treatment and other related treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • The agreed upon resolution of your case will occur.
  • You will be on your way to a life free of substance abuse and criminal behavior.

**For more information or questions: email the Recovery Court Coordinator Gayle Martin at  or call 541-475-3317 x70828

Entry Process:

Individuals interested in participating in the Recovery Court Program must first complete the JEF Recovery Court Release of information (ROI) to allow the Recovery Court team to staff the individual's case. Once staffed the team will either accept or deny individuals entry into the program. They should also observe at least one Recovery Court hearing.

Once accepted by the team, the individual and their defense attorney will need to complete the JEF Recovery Court Petition and JEF Recovery Court Entry Order. and then submit those forms to the Recovery Court Judge for final approval and formal entry into the program.

Once entered into the program, all participants must meet with the Recovery Court Coordinator to review the JEF Recovery Court Handbook and sign acknowledgement, as well as complete the initial JEF Recovery Court To-do list and JEF Intake Form.


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