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General Information

Jefferson County Circuit Court is committed to providing fair, accessible, and timely justice to promote the rule of law, protect individual rights, and resolve conflicts. With our state of the art courtroom technologies we hope to:

  • Improve the quality of courtroom litigation
  • Reduce litigant costs
  • Improve access to justice
  • Increase courtroom security
  • Strengthen public trust & confidence

Courtroom technologies and services are available to parties without cost, subject to the following conditions:

  • Advanced scheduling (and availability) of the equipment before the proceeding
  • Compliance with all technology requirements of private equipment

Wi-Fi Access

The courthouse has one public Wi-Fi network. OJD Guest Wi-Fi is provided by the Oregon Judicial Department. The court does not provide technical, software or other support services to any user, either in the courtroom or the lobby.

Video Conferencing System

To request an appearance at a hearing via video, the appropriate filing must be submitted to the court as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days prior to the date of the hearing. If requesting a video appearance from a Department of Corrections (DOC) location, please note that in your filing and provide the facility name and inmate’s SID/DOC number.
  • If the request is granted for a DOC location, Court Calendaring staff will facilitate setting up and testing the video connection.
  • For all other approved appearances by video, contact the Court’s Technical Support at
    • Please provide all of the following information
      • name of the person to appear via video
      • case number
      • video location
      • contact person
      • IP address
      • requesting parties’ names
      • date and time of the appearance
    • The court will facilitate setting up and testing the video connection prior to the hearing.

Telephone Conferencing

  • All requests to appear for a hearing via telephone must be preapproved by a Judge (SLR 3.051).
  • You must use your agency’s calling card for long distance calls from the courtroom.
  • The courtrooms are restricted to two incoming phone lines. If more than two parties will be attending a hearing telephonically they will need to either:
    • Conference call together prior to calling into the court
    • The party requesting the telephonic hearing can provide a conference call for all parties, including the court, to dial into for the hearing. That number must be provided to the court at the time the hearing request is made to the court.
  • If you will be appearing by phone, please keep these recommendations in mind:
    • Use a landline whenever possible
    • If you must use a cell phone, do not use the speakerphone feature
    • Make sure you are in a quiet location

Computer and Audio/Visual Connectivity

  • To connect any specialized equipment to the courtroom audio/visual systems please contact Court Technical Support at with your request. Include the case number, requesting party’s name, and the approximate date and time of the hearing.
  • Laptop computers (are not provided by the Court) can connect to the courtroom’s display systems via HDMI. A court provided HDMI cable can be plugged into your laptop which will allow you to connect to the audio and display system in the courtroom.
  • Big screen monitors and DVD players are available in all courtrooms.
  • To use any courtroom technology parties are required to:
    • Appear a minimum of half an hour before the hearing to test the equipment (longer for complex or first-time connection attempts); arrangements may need to be coordinated with the Judicial Assistant if other hearings are scheduled within the half hour window.
    • Have a working knowledge and appropriate access to their equipment; and must be present to operate their equipment during technology tests.
    • Understand that the Court’s Information Technology Specialist or Court personnel cannot change device configurations on non-court equipment; parties must have their technical support staff present or available for remote assistance during technology tests.
    • No exceptions will be made to these requirements.

Assisted Listening Devices

All courtrooms are equipped with wireless assisted listening devices. Jurors should check in with the jury coordinator to request a device. Others should request a device from the courtroom clerk. All assisted listening devices must be returned to the courtroom clerk at the end of each day.