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Supervised Parenting Time

The SFLAC, through its Parental Involvement and Outreach Subcommittee, recognized the growing need for the court to order non-professional parenting time supervisors in cases when there is a recognized need for supervision, but a lack of available and/or affordable professionals to do the task. These documents are intended to support judges, attorneys, mediators, parents, children and non-professional supervisors to arrange a safe and meaningful connection between a supervised or monitored parent and their child. 

The intent is for the Model Order, in combination with the Court Expectations, to be used to instruct the parent about the requirements of the supervised/monitored parenting time while at the same time providing the court-ordered nonprofessional supervisor the tools and education to support their best work for the child and the parents.  The Court Expectations should be attached to and incorporated into the Order, and a copy of both documents should be provided to the supervisor.

The Order is intentionally open-ended in the Findings and Order section.  The expectation is that the judge will fill in why the supervision is being ordered in the findings, and the details of the supervision, including the name of the supervisor, in the order.  Judges are encouraged to consider, when appropriate, a timeline for automatic change of supervision level, and/or a list of conditions to be met in order to change the supervision level.  These materials will also be distributed to attorneys, mediators, and others in hopes of supporting stipulated agreements with the same high level of detail and instructions.

Some factors to consider in selecting an appropriate supervisor:

  • Any criminal or civil case record of concern
  • Any order restraining the person from contact with either parent or any approved attendee of parenting time
  • Whether the person's connection to either parent might prevent them from enforcing the rules
  • If the person will be transporting the parent and/or the child, whether the person has a valid driver's license and current registration and auto insurance

Supervised Parenting Time Forms